Pechugas de Pollas

The Studio

Founded by renowned Argentinian-American actress Georgina Santich Brenton, Pechugas de Pollas was created to help give back to members of the Argentine theater community. Currently, numerous actors, musicians, and dancers are unable to work due to the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pechugas de Pollas’ mission is to restore Argentine theater to its pre-pandemic vitality by assisting members of the country’s robust arts community through this difficult time. Proceeds of our performances, events, and classes go directly to aid our brothers and sisters in Argentina. Through a shared love of music, dance, and theater, and a focus on a bright future ahead, we can keep the arts alive in Argentina by sharing what we do best right here in America!

Our Events

Whether you want to laugh, cry, or just forget about life for a while, theater is the best way to take a journey without ever leaving your seat! Our 2021 events calendar has something for everyone to enjoy. Perfect for date night, family fun, or a long-awaited girls’ night out, Pechugas de Pollas makes every performance an event to remember!

Private Lessons

Hone your talents and develop your craft with some of the most talented members of the Argentine arts community! Now accepting new students.


Ready for Entertainment

Check out our video gallery and enjoy when you are ready.

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